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When light shines on the surface of this film, the gorgeous, eye-catching glitter pattern generates a magnificent array of colors. This scratch-resistant film is made up of millions of tiny dots, each of which gleams beautifully in all of the rainbow's colors.

Eco Solvent, Solvent, Thermal Transfer, UV, Hot Stamping, Screen Printing, Offset, Flexographic, and Latex Ink 3 mil Printable Film
It's perfect for Mylar bags.
Outdoor durability of 5+ years
90# Lay Flat Liner - Adhesive is permanent
Resistant to Scratches
Ideal for decals, product labels, wristbands, and other applications.
Ideal for use at the point of sale (POP) Displays
Cuts and weeds quickly and effortlessly on flat, smooth surfaces
Printing does not necessitate the use of top coats.