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The opalescent glimmer on this rainbow holographic vinyl sparkles in hues ranging from fire-red to deep ocean blue. This film, sometimes known as "Oil Slick" or "Opal" vinyl, changes from a burst of color to fine lines of variegation depending on the angle of light. This film also reacts to even the slightest amount of light in poor circumstances.

Eco Solvent, Solvent, UV, Latex, Thermal Transfer, Hot Stamping, Screen Printing, Offset, and Flexographic inks are all available in 3 mil printable film.
It's perfect for Mylar bags.
90# Lay Flat Liner - Adhesive is permanent
Outdoor durability of 5+ years
There are no shim lines.
Resistant to Abrasions
Ideal for decals, packaging, product labels, wristbands, and other purposes.
Displays at Points of Purchase (POP) are ideal.
Cuts and weeds with ease